Our Plantation teak is 100% Indonesian Legal wood. It is SVLK certified, meaning that the full process of Log to furniture is monitored and certified .Guaranteeing the sustainability of the wood itself and the plantation.

We work with 2 main Grades

Premium A Grade Teak

  • Sourced from Central Java (Cepu and Randublatung Perhutani/Forestry Trees are an average age of 40-50 years and up), the soils are rich in minerals from a volcanic eruption centuries ago. Which makes it a perfect slow-growing living habitat for teak to create the golden-brown color and the hardness that teak is known for.
  • While other areas alongside the equator such as East Java, West Java, and Sulawesi have teak plantations. The soil there is either too rich (making the teak grow too fast) or full of oil-substances causing tiger tears/spots (darker color in the grains and a rather pale white shade of golden brown/uneven color).
  • The uniform color of our teak wood is achieved through careful selection. Also, when it is left untreated and a constant contact with the air, the wood will over time develop a natural silver-grey patina.

We contribute to the forestry sustainable program of having new saplings planted for every teak tree logged

Each teak log is carefully selected with the aim of no wastage. In the conversion into furniture components, virtually nothing is wasted. Shavings and saw dust are either recycled into agricultural products or converted into incense sticks for use at places of worship, while offcuts are burnt to generate energy

Strong, dense and durable, teak can last for generations in a wide variety of climates with low-to-no maintenance. This is due to the high rubber and oil content of teak wood that leaves it impervious to rain, and weather, making it virtually immune to rot

Premium A/B Grade Teak

This timber like our Premium A grade comes from the Government managed plantations in Central Java.

With this teak is slightly below our top grade but suitable for use in larger pieces, whilst retaining the great structural quality and look of the A grade. It is more price effective to use this grade especially when we mix with metal components and what to show more character in the wood.